Timelines 2.0

Timelines are classic instructional tools that help students understand concepts of chronology and history through visual representations.. Web 2.0 timeline tools allow students to work collaboratively to build multimedia timelines. They can be incorporated into most content areas including social studies, history, language arts, art, music and science.

How to Integrate It?

Timelines are a great tool for for sequencing events in a book or any other activity the requires sequential organization of information. They are also useful for biographical presentations, scientific developments, and changes in popular culture. Visit Teaching History With Technology for an excellent introduction to using online timelines, ideas for interation, examples, tutorials and more.


Capzles Use Capzles to create classroom projects and lessons, with videos, photos, music, blogs and documents. Useful as a timeline tool. The completed Capzle can be embedded in your website. Getting Started With Capzles

Dipity Interactive timelines. Create, share, embed and collaborate on interactive, visually engaging timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps.

Timeline A timeline maker provided as part of ReadWriteThink

Timelinr Very basic Web 2.) timeline application

Timetoast An interactive tool for creating interactive timelines about people, events, or locations. You can add dates, type notes, and even add images for each event. When you mouse over a marker on the timeline, you can view the notes and image for that event. The link for the timeline can be shared or you you can embed the timeline into a web page.
Timetoast instructions Guide to creating a timeline with Timetoast
Timetoast video introduction
Timetoast Timeline: Romeo and Juliet

XTimeline Interactive timelines that include images and text

Diigo Bookmarks for Timeline Resources
Glogster can also be used to create interactive timelines.


Cold War Development (Timetoast)
History of the Internet (Timetoast)
War of 1812 (Timetoast)
Barack Obama (Capzle)
History of Apple (Capzle)
Civil War Battlefields (Dipity)


Timeline Rubric