What Is It?

SlideShareis a FREE application for sharing documents, video and much more in an online slideshows. SlideShare was named one of the top 10 tools for teaching and elearning in 2010.


Video Tutorials

SlideShare 101
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How to Integrate It?

SlidShare in the classroom:
  • Student presentations of a topic they have researched
  • Sharing information with parents via a web presentation
  • Review of themes, historical periods of events, scientific concepts
  • Book reviews or book reports
  • Character studies for literary figures
  • Biographical presentation for a real or fictional person
  • Travelogue for a city, state or country
  • Explanation of a mathematical or scientific principles or processes
  • Share handouts that students or parents can download


Tips, Tricks, and Tools for the Busy Educator by Cathy Nelson (prsented UTC 2011)

SlideShare presentation for middle school students


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