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  • If my presentation is linear, I may use PowerPoint...I’m really not a big PowerPoint fan , but it works OK in some situations. If I want to incorporate interactive components such as games into my presentation, I usually use SMART Notebook software. This software is great for when you want your audience to be actively engaged. If I want to show relationships between concepts or I want to show the bigger picture and then focus on the individual parts, I have started using Prezi. Prezi offers moves away from the linear limitations of PowerPoint and offers more flexibility for presenting than Notebook software. I just discovered a new application called Ahead that appears to have even more possiblities.

SMART Board Links for Education

SMART Learning Space Launch pad for individualized training and a "virtual learning environment loaded with highly innovative interactive learning experiences that will enhance your ability to teach."


SMART Exchange A place for educators to connect and upload/download SMART Notebook lessons

SMART Board Revolution Ning A global blog/wiki for SMART Board users to collaborate and share ideas, tips questions, and methods for effective use of SMART Boards

SMART Classroom Video Tutorials

All videos SMART YouTube Channel is the official YouTube location for videos produced by SMART Technology
Radford University SMART Board Tutorials A series of tutorials on how to use a SMART Board

SMART Board Resources

SMART Boards in The Classroom Links to resources compiled by LHS Media Center

Blogs and Wikis

Teachers Love SMART Boards
SMART Boards Workshop

eBooks for Your SMART Board

SqoolLibrary: Electronic Books for K12

My Favorite Things for the SMART Board


Gamequarium Extensive collection of links to interactive materials
Jeopardy labs Create multi-team jeopardy games quickly and easily. Free online application.

Animation, Avatars, and Word Clouds