What Is It?

QR codes (Quick Response codes) are 2 dimensional barcodes (matrix barcodes) that can be read by dedicated QR barcode readers, cameras on smartphones and webcams that have QR reader software installed. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, the url for a website, or other data. The codes are easily generated by software that is free to download or by utilizing online generators. An example of an online generator is the kaywa code generator: . The QR code shown above is the 2 dimensional version of a URL and links directly to an explanation of QR codes used in Google maps..

Just Scan My QR Code presentation by Cathy Arnold at 2011 South Carolina Upstate Conference (Slideshare)


QR Code Readers
  • i.nigma is compatible with a variety of cell phones including Apple iPhone and most Blackberry devices.
  • RedLaser is a barcode scanner and QR code reader for the Appple iPhone and iTouch

QR Code Generator
  • Delivr simple to use QR code reader and generator
  • Kaywaonline QR code generator; create a code from a URL, text, phone number and more
  • ZXing Project online QR code generator; create a code from a URL, text, email address, phone number and more

How to Integrate It?

QR Codes in the classroom:
  • Student presentations of a topic they have researched linked using a QR Code
  • QR Code to link to a YouTube video
  • QR Code for flash cards or homework assignments
  • QR codes for audio clips and explanations

Education QR Codes A wiki that focuses on utilization of QR codes in the classroom