What Is It?

Projeqt is a web based application that allows users to create exciting presentations..
Projeqt provides free accounts.

Projeqt is a collaborative online learning platform for teachers and students to express their creativity, knowledge, ideas and skills in the classroom. Projeqt presentations can include images, videos, hyperlinks, interactive maps, documents (PowerPoint and PDF), videos, music, and more. Presentations can be shared via email and embedded in a blog or website.


There are extensive resources

Video Tutorials:

How to Integrate It?

Projeqt in the classroom:
  • Student presentations for a topic they have researched
  • Review of themes, historical periods of events, scientific concepts
  • Book reviews or book reports
  • Character studies for literary figures
  • Biographical presentation for a real or fictional person
  • Science reports for research data



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