What Is It?

Prezi is a web based zooming presentation/storytelling tool. Prezi uses a single large "work space" instead of individual slides. The infinite work space allows users to create non-linear presentations, where users can zoom in and out and move from one point to another in a unique manner.

Prezi allows the incorporation of a variety of types of media "objects" including:
  • Text
  • Images
  • Video clips
  • Documents (pdf)

These objects are placed on the infinite work space and grouped together using circular or rectangular frames. A path between objects or frames is created and this determines the sequence/order of presentation

The Prezi presentation can be created online and then downloaded so that the presentation can be viewed/presented offline. A prezi can also be embedded in a wiki or blog.

The newest changes to Prezi are the capability to customize backgrounds and fonts and the modification of the toolbar that is utilized to create and manage content in the Prezi. The newer interface differs from the original styles but the new feature allows more flexibility for users that want to create a unique look for their presentations.

The new "Transformation Tool" is much more user friendly and incorporates more management tools.

Prezi for Education

Sign up for an Education account
Student accounts in Prezi require a school email address for sign up.If your students do not have an email address provided by your school, provides FREE basic email accounts that classroom teachers can request and control.

Prezi Quick Start Guide

Quick Start (pdf)

Tips for a Creating a Good Prezi

Three Steps to a Great Prezi

Ten Tips for a Good Prezi

How to Use Prezi

A full length tutorial for Prezi. (18 minutes)

YouTube URL:

Get Started with Prezi


Controlling Your Transitions and Zooming in Prezi

Managing Content in Prezi

  • Images
  • Text
  • Video
  • Frames
  • Grouping and Layering

Add Sound in Prezi

  • Add Background Audio or Music to the Prezi

  • Add Audio or Music to Path Steps

View, Share, and Collaborate with Prezi


Presenting with Prezi


Importing PowerPoint into Prezi

Convert Prezi to PDF

Terms of Use

Additional Resources

Prezi Examples

If You Put it That Way Think outside the box to create a great Prezi

Prezim Resume Template

Prezi Demonstrating a Timeline of Events

Student Created Prezis


Prezi Rubric (pdf)

Assessment and Prezi Examples and suggestions for a variety of content areas

Updated August 2013