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What Is It?

Pixton is a web based application that allows users to create cartoons about themselves or topics of interest.

Pixton is available as:
  • free basic accounts (Pixton for Fun)
  • a low cost premium account for educators (Pixton for Schools)
  • a premium version for Business users

The premium version, Pixton for Schools, protects the privacy of students and provides teachers with a interface to manage classes and student accounts.

Pixton provides an online platform for teachers and students to express their creativity, knowledge, ideas and skills through the creation of cartoons and comics. Pixton comics can include images, text, and narration and can be published as single panels, multiple panel "strips" or as a comic book.

Pixton features:

  • Design unique human and animal characters, customizing all aspects of appearance and color. Create your own pose for your characters or select from a library of presets.
  • Pixton comics can be created in 40+ languages.
  • Add style with interesting text and dynamic speech bubbles and select from a variety of fonts. Pixton includes accents for most languages.
  • Use props and backgrounds from those provided or create your own
  • Upload photos and images and apply special filters.
  • Record voice-over directly into speech bubbles to create an audio track.
  • Layouts allow users to create everything from comic strips with a single panel to multi-page books. Users can change the shape, size and position of each panel.
  • Download student progress reports and final summaries. (Pixton for Schools feature)

Resources from Pixton

Video Demonstration

View Pixton YouTube Video at School

How to Integrate It?

Pixton in the Classroom:
  • Student presentations of a topic they have researched
  • Review of themes, historical periods of events, scientific concepts
  • Book reviews or book reports
  • Character studies for literary figures
  • Explanation of mathematical or scientific principles or processes
  • Biographical presentation for a real or fictional person
  • Synthesis of concepts, beliefs, and ideas through "political" cartoons



Pixton for Schools includes a bulit in rubric builder than can be used to create a unique rubric for each project.

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