museum_box2.pngMuseum Box is no longer free for US users. Visit the site for additional information. Current price is $99 per school per year.

What Is It?

**Museum Box** is a web application that allows users to fill a "virtual box" with images and information that is relevant to a topic they are investigating. It is also designed to allow the user to provide evidence that supports a point of view about a topic. Students can upload images, sounds, video and links to web content. The Museum Box can be shared as a presentation, saved, or printed.

Special Requirements:
  • Create a School Admin Account at least one week prior to beginning projects since accounts will be verified before activation
  • The School Admin Account user(s) will have the ability to monitor student accounts


Museum Box Video Tutorial
Making a Museum Box Instructions and lesson plan

How Do I Integrate It?

Teacher Resources for Museum Box

Museum Box could be applied to almost all content areas:
  • as a medium for students to learn about and collect information about a historical event, person, or time period
  • students can upload their own content and create a box all about themselves
  • to share information about geography students can make a box about a place and include items in the box that are unique to that place as a way to teach students the etiquette of online communication throught the comments section
  • as a medium for students to analyze characters in fictional works they read


Museum Box Gallery Searchable by themes and/or school name
Student Example (Cube) Tudor Princes