What Is It?

LiveBinder is your FREE 3 ring binder for the web.
  • Collect your resources
  • Organize them quickly and easily
  • Present them to the world, share with a designated audience or keep them private
PDFs, images, videos and websites can be combined with active links within a binder. Links and documents can be organized into tabs and subtabs. LiveBinders are easy to share from the LiveBinder website, on desktops, or embedded in blogs or other websites. View a video overview of LiveBinder.


Tips and Tricks A binder of awesome tips for creating great LiveBinders
Using LiveBinder Bookmarklet
LiveBinder in Art

How Do I Integrate It?

LiveBinder is easy to use for both students and teachers.

Suggestions for integration:
  • digital portfolios for student projects
  • organize information and resources during the research process
  • use a LiveBinder to submit a completed project and include all notes, sources, and rough drafts
  • collaborate with other students to share information for group projects
  • a "social bookmarking" tool for sharing favorite web links (install the "bookmark tool" to add websites to a binder with one click)


AASL 25 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning 2010
Create a TravelBinder An alternative way to explore and present research about a country
The Day PowerPoint Died Organize information for a presentation or professional development activity
Technology Integration Resources A binder with extensive collection of well organized resources and ideas
Web 2.0 Projects - a Celebration of Student Learning Publish examples of student projects
Web 2.0 Tools Collection of tools shared in a LiveBinder
Wikispaces Binder A LiveBinder for Wikispaces in Education

General Information

The free version has the following upload limitations:
  • You can upload any file size up to 5 MB per file.
  • Total upload storage for free is 100 MB per account.

LiveBinder Homepage


Assessment of a LiveBinder project can easily be adapted from a rubric for a "paper" notebook. Example of "Paper Notebook" Rubric