What Is It?

Kerpoof is web based multimedia software for elementary and middle school students. Kerpoof currently has six dynamic activities that allow children of all ages to express themselves:
  • Make a Picture
  • Spell a Picture
  • Make a Movie
  • Make a Drawing
  • Make a Card
  • Make a Story


Introduction to Kerpoof (pdf)
Kerpoof Teacher's Manual from
Kerpoof Scholastics An easy to use website that will introduce teachers to all of Kerpoof's features. This site includes lesson plans, standards, ideas for classroom use, teacher accounts, and more

How Do I Integrate It?

Lesson Plans and Integration
Integration Ideas

Ideas for use in the classroom:
  • Reading Comprehension: Have students create a picture of a story they've read to demonstrate what they remember.
  • Story Writing: Write stories of a specific genres using available scenes.
  • Patterns: Use the drawing option to have students demonstrate how to make a pattern.
  • Parts of Speech: Create visual representations of words that represent a certain part of speech.
  • Geometric Angles: Have students create movies that require objects to be rotated a certain amount of degrees to represent the different types of turns.
  • Social Studies or Science: Create movies that describe historical/scientific events, introduce important people or explain important concepts or principles.
  • Illustrations: Develop illustrations for published stories.

Kerpoof Lesson Plan Fairy Tales with a Twist


Drawing of a Dog
Drawing: Portrait
Drawing: Book Illustration
Make a Movie: A Fairy Tale
Make a Movie: Angles

Digital stories with Kerpoof


Kerpoof Rubric: Fairy Tales