What Is It?

Glogster is a web based application that allows users to create a web poster about themselves or topics of interest.
Glogster EDU:
  • provides 1 free basic accounts for educators
  • student accounts are no longer free but teachers can purchase a low cost plan that provides 50 student accounts.
  • protects the privacy of students
  • provides teachers with a dashboard to manage student accounts

Warning: DO NOT create a non-education Glogster account using your school email if you plan to request an Education account. It will cause a conflict and you may not be able to activate your education account.

Glogster EDU is a collaborative online learning platform for teachers and students to express their creativity, knowledge, ideas and skills in the classroom. Glog posters can include images, text, audio files, embedded video clips, and attached documents (premium). View a Glog
YouTube: Discovery Education recommends Glogster.

Resources for Glogster EDU

There are extensive resources on the Glogster EDU website.

Video Tutorials:

How to Integrate It?

Web 2.0 in the Classroom Outstanding example of a glog for Web 2.0 tools
How to Use Glogster

Glogster in the classroom:
  • Student presentations of a topic they have researched
  • Review of themes, historical periods of events, scientific concepts
  • Book reviews or book reports
  • Character studies for literary figures
  • Travel "poster" for a city, state or country
  • Portal (table of contents) linking to eportfolio content
  • Explanation of a mathematical or scientific principles or processes
  • Biographical presentation for a real or fictional person
  • Travel poster that highlights a city, state or country


Shakespeare Parodies
Causes of the American Revolution
Pond Animals
Glogs at GlogsterEDU
Booktalks with Glogster
Book Review
US History Glogster 1930s Dust Bowl
Best of the Edu Glogs A glog with links to outstanding glogs in a variety of subject areas including math and science
Global Studies; Elizabeth I Glog ; Louis XIV Glog


Glogster Rubric Generic
High School Literature Glogster Lesson Plan and Rubric

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