What Is It?

Evernote is a web-based tool that allows you to keep all of your notes, images, and ideas in one “searchable” environment. Evernote allows you to gather clippings from various websites without having to bookmark the entire site.You can clip the text and photos that are important to you and "store" them in Evernote. Free software is available for both PC and MAC and allows users to work offline and then sync to the web version when they have online access. Evernote integrates with a variety of programs and devices including:
  • Skitch - manipulate images, add text or digital ink and upload to Evernote
  • Penultimate - send notes directly from the Penultimate app to Evernote
  • Twitter - send information from Twitter directly to your Evernote account
  • Most SMART phones (cameras can email pictures directly to Evernote)
  • iPads and other tablets


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How Do I Integrate It?

There are a number of ways for students and teachers to use Evernote in the classroom:
  • To-do list
  • Notes
  • Research "web clipper"
  • Webpage "archive" or "link collector"
  • Business cards
  • Snapshots
  • Videos
  • ePortfolios

Consider the value of using Evernote during a research project. The teacher provides students an authoritative list of websites. This list is posted on the class web page! This saves paper and a few trees too! Students can review the sites and locate the piece(s) of information that are relevant to their topic. Rather than taking notes, most students will simply hit FILE > PRINT and print the entire page or in some cases the entire web web page! The student takes the stack of pages that just printed out, stuffs it into a folder and forgets the specific portion he needed as soon as he walks out of the room. Evernote to the rescue. By clipping the appropriate part of the document, inserting the url and tagging the information, the student has a virtual note card that is stored and ready when he needs the information.


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Evernote is a great tool for organizing notes, images, web clips, etc. By creating notebooks to organize content for each subject, students have one place to keep copies of handouts, class assignments, research, etc. If used as an electronic portfolio, assessment would address the specific requirements for the portfolio.