What Is It?

How Do I Integrate It?

Blogs are a great way to integrate writing across the curriculum and provide are a Web 2.0 communication tool. A number of free blog resources are designed specifically for use in the classroom and provide a "protected" environment for teachers and students. ClassBlogmeister is an online classroom blogging tool provided free of subscription or purchase charge by The Landmark Project. EduBlogs and Edmodo provide free blogs but also offer a fee based "pro" version. Many providers of educational web solutions provide a blogging tool as one of their resources. The web solution for our district, eChalk, provides tools for both teacher and student blogs. To get a "feel" for how blogging can contribute to learning, read some of the blogs that are written by other educators.


Blogging with eChalk

Examples of Classroom Blogs

ClassBlogmeister provides an index of blogs for students and teachers (created by David Warlick and the Landmark Project)
Education Blogs by Discipline

Professional Blogs by Educators

iLearn Technology an edublog about integrating technology in the classroom
James Michie "...a 21st Century Educator" shares experiences as a beginning blogger
Weblogg-ed by Will Richardson, a leader in Web 2.0 technology integration