What Is It?

Big Huge Labs has lots of fun things to do with photographs. Numerous activities are provided and most of them can be used in classrooms K-12.
Some of the activities that are classroom friendly include tools to generate:
  • Movie Posters
  • Motivational Posters
  • Pop Art Posters
  • Magazine Covers
  • Jigzaw Puzzles
  • Maps
  • Calendars
  • Name Badges
  • CD Covers
  • Trading Cards

Big Huge Labs and Education:

Teachers can request a free Educator account that provides some extra perks:
  • Pre-register students so they can sign in without requiring an email address.
  • View and download content created by your students.
  • Use the site advertising-free.
  • Ready to print ID cards for your students that includes their username and password for access to Big Huge Labs

Warning! Warning! Warning!
You may find this site is blocked by your school filter. Big Huge Labs is designed to access photos uploaded to Flickr and it also provides an interface for posting to Facebook and Twitter. Big Huge Labs activities do not require access to Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr but your district may choose to limit access.


Big Hug Labs
Motivator Instructions Create a motivational poster

How Do I Integrate It?

Spice Up Images by using the tools provided on the website. Create stamps, add captions, and apply special effects such as the Mosaic Builder.



Movie Poster Rubric