What Is It?

Animoto is a FREE web tool that allows users to create 30 second videos that incorporate:
  • images
  • short video clips
  • text
  • music
Users may provide all content or utilize images, videos, and music provided on the website. Completed videos may be viewed online or downloaded and viewed offline. View a video overview.

Animoto for Education

Teachers may apply for a Free PLUS account that allows users to create videos up to 20 minutes in length. With an education account, teachers can monitor student work and limit access to the videos produced. After registering, teachers receive a code to share with up to 50 students. The access code will expire after 6 months and you will need to request a new code within 30 days of expiration. The PLUS account is usually $60 per year for each non-education user.


Lesson Plans

How Do I Integrate It?

Animoto is especially useful for sharing ideas and concepts that incorporate persuasion, ideals, emotions, beliefs, and personal creativity but can also be used to present an overview of a topic. Suggestions for projects:
  • advertisements
  • book trailers
  • digital storytelling
  • poetry and poetry interpretations
  • historical events such as the Holocaust, 9/11, Challenger explosion
  • overview of a era or period in history
  • visual literacy projects
  • showcase art & photography projects
  • biographies: historical or personal
  • travelogue tour of a country, state, city


Animoto Poetry Rubric Poetry interpretation rubric
Animoto Poetry Rubric


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